5 Bulletproof Ways to Increase Sales

5 Bulletproof ways to increase sales

So you’ve designed a killer storefront, have gorgeous eye-catching images and expertly written product descriptions and now you just want to increase sales.


Luckily, once the fundamentals are in place there are some super simple to implement techniques that can skyrocket sales.

Here are four quick tips to help boost your online sales:

Sell a Range of Prices

One of the simplest and most effective ways to increase sales is to offer your products at a range of different price points. This allows you to appeal to as wide a group of potential customers as possible. Someone who is interested in your brand but maybe just wants to dip their toes in the water will love the fact that you’ve offered a low value product, while the high roller who’s #downtospend will be pleased to have more options. By providing visitors to your site a combination of low and high value items, you stand the best chance of closing a sale and making some cashmoney.

Offer Free Shipping

Offering a threshold for free shipping is another nifty way of encouraging customers to spend more in an order. It’s a bit of reverse psychology – the customers will often happily spend more on products to spend less on shipping. Go figure!

The key is to set a free shipping limit at a point that is sexy enough to spend just that extra bit more without pushing the price out of people’s comfort zone. To find your free shipping point, you could try finding the average sale value and then adding another £10 (or more?) to that. This way you’ll have a realistic price that someone might spend with an added incentive to spend a little bit more. Play around a bit until you find the optimum point.

Give Strategic Promotions and Discounts

If used effectively (and sparingly), discount codes are a great way of convincing customers to complete a sale. People love getting stuff. Seriously. A discount code, a freebie, an upgrade – they love it. I know I do – I’m a total sucker for any kind of promo.

There are a number of different ways you can offer discounts including newsletter sign-ups and social media posts displaying the offer on a ‘limited time’ or seasonal basis. Including a expiration increases the incentive to ACT NOW.

One of my favourite ways to deliver a promo code is to occasionally include a discount card or compliment slip packed with completed customer orders. This seals the deal for repeat orders (assuming your product is 100% amazing, which it obviously is) and leaves your customers feeling happy. Check out Moo if you want to have some awesome discount cards printed.

Cross Sell

Cross selling encourages buyers to add additional items to their cart before checking out. This is the classic ‘and would you like fries with that?’ scenario.

In an online store this means recommending complimentary products at a strategic stage of the buying process, such as at the base of the product listing page or when a certain item is added to the shopping cart.

If, for example, a customer is in the market for a new tablet computer, visited your store and added one to their cart, that would be an ideal time to strategically suggest an add-on product such as a gorgeous hand crafted leather case to ‘complete the look’ or to ‘protect your new tablet’.


Up selling is another effective way of increasing sales. Suggest a similar alternative product at a higher price point to the one selected and watch the average basket value rise.

Taking the earlier example again, if a customer added a tablet with 16gb of storage space to their cart, up selling the 32 or 64 gb models with their benefits might encourage the buyer into dropping the more expense tablet into their cart instead.

To sum up:

Use easy tweaks to increase your sales

An effective online store combines well considered design, desirable products and insightful sales techniques. Offering things like a range of price points, free shipping on orders over a certain value, strategic promotions, cross sells and upsells all work to increase your average sale value. Put together in a coherent way and you’ll have a selling machine. ????

What’s one thing you can do today to increase your sales?